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Tradition and The Individual Talent
Sudipto Chattopadhyay
Posted by - Sudipto Chattopadhyay
Posted in - Movies, Pankh
Post Date - August 14th, 2009

sudipto-2-500x374To understand how Pankh emerged, it is essential to know where I come from.

A Bong brat with a Post Graduate degree in English Literature and Diploma in Cinema from FTII, Pune. Career started at Kolkata and moved all over India—– a very successful stint in advertising, TV(both Hindi and Bengali), as writer producer, director of fiction and non fiction programming, set up first private news channel in Bangla, daily chat show host in Bangla for 3 years, iconoclast, social commentator, journalist, writer of fiction, prose, poetry, screenplays and dialogues. Presently settled in Mumbai and have completed my first Hindi feature film Pankh – the Flight.

goddard1The academic background of a combination of literature and cinema brings with it a certain bathethic vanity which one invariably tends to overlook in salad days of youth.  One is instilled with a foolish notion of superiority, harbouring rabid dogmatic notions such as these — “Popular Cinema always needs popular idioms or cliché’s to make itself palpable to people.  Why was there the bloody need to explain everything? In difficult times you need complex structures to create a truly satisfying work of art.  Does communication become difficult when you use metaphors and metonyms rather than similes?  Why are the common people such blithering idiots? “  Fortunately, with age one can see through the idiocy of such posturing that almost tantamount to a sort of aesthetic rabble rousing. For any work of art to survive there has to be an emotional connect. Otherwise it descends to barren scholasticism. The sixties had tolerated Goddard’s childish pranks and polemics as avant-grade.  Jean Luc Goddard is among the unfortunate few who live to see their death – in cinema. He has been rendered archaic, irrelevant today. Like Eisenstein, like Pudofkin – great grammarians without souls. I thank my lucky stars that I did not commit such hara-kiri by making Pankh earlier in life. Or else I would have treaded the same path as well.

maradona-499x243For whatever is its worth, Pankh douses such bigotry. It is one from the heart and aspires to connect to an audience emotionally first and then cerebrally. It may be a flawed work but is ruthlessly honest. I firmly believe in what Jean Cocteau said, ”it is through those loopholes, those very flaws that art enters”.

It was important to clarify my perspective before I started talking about the film. To rid myself of any aesthetic vanity, to unburden myself of the tradition that weighed so heavily on my shoulders and then speak the language of my heart. This was my chapter zero after the prelude in the first installment. Henceforth, no more digressions! Let the flight begin.

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