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The Quest for Flight
Sudipto Chattopadhyay
Posted by - Sudipto Chattopadhyay
Posted in - Movies, Pankh
Post Date - August 14th, 2009

sudipto-4-2Since recorded history, mankind’s greatest quest has been for flight. Human beings were always fascinated by birds wanting to approximate and emulate them. They failed for centuries but never gave up. I think this is almost a metaphor for the mass human psyche—- forever wanting to soar above circumstance. Poets have likened their spirits to birds; painters have tried to provide bird’s eye view. It is akin to the eye of an imaginary God looking down on planet earth and observing its insignificance in the larger scheme of things. Man has eternally wanted to match the God he created. Hence his quest for wings.

Pankh the name derived its inspiration from the Wim Wender’s classic, Wings of Desire. How I wish I could usurp the title. Alas it was not meant to be! I have to remain satisfied being an emulator. In a way that is the irony of human destiny— forever yearning to recreate the past. The theory of mimesis stems from there. Through art we try and reflect life. By holding up a mirror to nature, we set up our exampla-gracia.

Bound within the morbid circumstance of a sordid reality, souls in anguish have wanted to liberate themselves by acquiring wings, trying t o fly away from the immediacy of circumstance. Flight is an escape, liberation, an upliftment. Wish we had wings is a melody that all humans hum.



Having unclothed my soul
I now revel in the glory of nudity
Reality can no longer fetter my wings
For you chose to make me fly.

When was it last you looked skywards
Observing flight, the sheer artless waltzing
Through vacant space, kindred spirits
Enjoying motion without the finality of touch.

If only you allow your thought
To meditate upon the magic of the moment
Divinity will surely smile within us.

In the unbecoming of our previous lives
We have lent each other light
Time is now camerized
Beyond transient myths.

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