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The burden of dreams
Sudipto Chattopadhyay
Posted by - Sudipto Chattopadhyay
Posted in - Movies, Pankh
Post Date - August 14th, 2009

mardonaBeyond the tangy delight of saying “action” and the sweeping power of uttering “cut”, I am caught in a dilemma about what role do I play between those two operative words. In the interregnum I am frozen into just gazing upon a shot shaping up to a life that just might affect a few lives, warrant a gentle smile or prompt a tear to drop. So where does the auteur leave his mark once his actors become characters in front of the camera while he nervously chews his lips in vain hope they get it just right?

I guess in wishing words imprinted on pages to become reality on screen as truth told twenty four times a second, a maker culls his mise-en-scene of expiation and actuates himself in those trepid moments when he loses control over his work. In those fragile moments of terrifying numbness as the camera whirs, a million thoughts whiz past his mind and the cinema of the interior finds fruition.

But then is cinema ever real when technology trying to reinvent mimesis, reduces itself to a sheer whirlpool of images and sounds? Where does consciousness truly manifest itself when the dying ember in an actor’s eye proclaims guileless deceit with dexterity? Can truth ever be told or does truth happen of its own sweet will? Is there uniformity in what is perceived as reality?

After its complete does the film belong to me anymore as it undergoes million interpretations, evoking sundry reactions of the viewer? Am I left with my meaning anymore?

A story is essentially a lie I create for a greater truth

The tapestry of words woven around characters that never existed

Beyond the magic of constructed words at best portrayed by actors on screen

People living others lives giving shape to the abstract text of dialogues

One mind creating several minds and moments of mirth or sorrow

Creating an imaginary social fabric in imagined times under the garb of reality

Lies mirroring truth beyond vacant looks in listless eyes.


Pankh has been a burden of dreams that I have been carrying too long, awaiting for actuation and realization. Finally, the end seems somewhere in sight. Or is it a mirage? Only 11th September’09 can answer this. Till such time let me take you through this arduous journey that I undertook eons back when I first ideated the film. Welcome to my matrix!!!


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